Network Wide Event 9 – QoMEX2018 – Pula, Sardinia, Italy

Transferable Skills Training 6 — 22-23 February 2018 – Deutsche Telekom AG (Berlin)

The main idea was to train how to pitch an idea or a scientific result for a market exploitation.

Network Wide Event 3 — QoE-Net Summer School 12th – 17th September 2016 University of Plymouth, Plymouth, UK

The first summer school of EU H2020 QoE-NET ( will be organized from 12th – 17th September 2016 at the University of Plymouth, UK. The University is located at the heart of a beautiful port city with a stunning waterfront on the south coast of Devon, in South West England (

The aim of the summer school is to train Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) to gain relevant knowledge and skills on interdisciplinary methods in QoE-related research from psychology perception, business decision making, signal processing, telecommunications/networks, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), data analysis and relevant research methods. It will consist of 11 short courses delivered by well-known experts in the field, and three intense lab-based hands-on activities on data analysis, ML, and network virtualization /monitoring. The summer school will also contain a vibrant social event with watersports during the day, followed by an evening cruise along the Plymouth Sound & Tamar River. This will facilitate communications and networking among ESRs, their fellow PhD researchers, their supervisors/professors and senior researchers.

Network Wide Event 4 – “Get together” meeting in QoMEX 2016
The aim is to bring together researchers from different networks, to support collaboration and identify potential synergies among several ITNs, to ameliorate scientific exchange and transfer of knowledge, to improve and widen the training capacity and to identify “good practices”. The Fellows will share obtained experience, generate their internal networking and acquire knowledge about their perspectives and rights.

TST2/NWE2 Trondheim, Norway 29-02-2016 to 04-03-2016

The Second Transferable Skills Training (TST) and Network Wide Event (NWE) was held in Trondheim, Norway from 29th February, 2016 to 4th March, 2016. The main objective of the event was the training of ESRs on topics which include introduction to patents, how to write patents, what is patentable and IPR management issues, proposal developments and innovation management, network management and EC funding mechanisms, proposal writing and project execution skills.

Online Short Courses (OSCs)

Online Short Courses (OSCs) related to the Quality of Experience (QoE) are being offered for training purposes in the network. Interested researchers who want to join OSCs may contact the contact person.

TST1/NWE1, Nice France 30-08-2015 to 05-09-2015

The first transferable skill training of QoE-Net was held in Nice, France collocated with EUSIPCO, 2015 at Nice Acropolis. The main objective of TST1 was the training of ESRs to write the collaborative scientific research.

Kickoff Meeting

The kickoff meeting of the project has been held in Cagliari the 8 and 9 January 2015.