Chenyan Zhang

Chenyan Zhang earned her professional bachelor’s degree in Architecture in Beijing, then she worked for Beijing’s largest construction company for four years, gaining enormous practical experiences as a Business Analyst, Information Technologist and Computer Visualisation Practitioner. In 2004-2005 she secured the prestigious British Chevening Scholarship and studied a Master of Philosophy course in Architecture and the Moving Image at the University of Cambridge (UK). This course examines the relationship between film (cinema) and architecture from both socio-cultural and techno-architectonic perspectives, mediated by digital media fabrications and representations. Affective and emotional perspectives are also taken into account in exploring the mental landscapes of film spectators and navigators in the immersive virtual environment. This course also explored in great depth the theoretical dimensions in history of art and film studies that related to the philosophical debate in film and architecture.
In 2006-2007 she went to Politecnico di Torino (Turin, Italy) for a second level Master in e-Business and ICT for Strategic Management as a fully-funded Zhong Guo project scholar. This course further developed and enhanced her ICT competence, equipped her with state-of-the-art knowledge and hands-on skills in web-enabled technology and languages. This course also dwelt on the pertinent issues on management information systems, as well as the business and managerial aspects of electronic transaction.
From 2009-2010 Chenyan Zhang worked as a Research Associate at Lancaster University (UK), exploring design, emotion and creativity in the development of complex interactive systems, working at the intersections of affective neuroscience, cognitive psychology, creative design, software engineering, artificial intelligence and human computer interaction. From September 2014 to 2015 Chenyan Zhang is an exchange student in urban sustainability at the University of Nottingham (UK), investigating data acquisition and integration in smart cities modelling and simulation. Currently Chenyan Zhang is a PhD research fellow at NTNU (Trondheim, Norway), working on an EU QoE-Net project on the architecture of current and future Internet for quality perception models and definition of the components and functionalities of the Quality of Experience management framework.