Elisavet Grigoriou

Elisavet Grigoriou received her B.Sc. in Informatics (2012) and her M.Sc in Web Intelligence (2015) from Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki, Greece. She was a member of the Computing Systems, Security and Networks (CSSN) Research Lab in Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki and her research mainly focuses on Wireless Communication Protocols (particularly in Long Term Evolution). Her other major research interests include Social Media Strategies, sensor Networks and Internet-of-Things. Her Master Thesis was part of the “Smartworld” project in CTTC in Barcelona (SmartWorld is an End-to-End (E2E) demonstration platform for the Internet of Things). After she finished her Master Degree, she was working as “Internet-of-Things” Engineer in “MyCompany Projects” Company (Thessaloniki, Greece). Her first project was “FarmCanal” (FarmCanal.com was an «Internet-of-Things» solution that digitalizes a Farm & a Greenhouse and provides accurate data about the conditions of a property) and her second project based on Ambient Assisted Living Technologies. Mrs. Elisavet Grigoriou has recently joined QoE-Net on November, 2015.